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How To Voice Search Is Impacting Sales Revenue in 2019

March 3, 2019

Slides are available on Youtube here How https://youtu.be/c9trim-7QgM

How is voice search affecting sales revenue in 2019? We've all seen and I know that you have used voice search. Voice search is just quite simply when you speak into your telephone and you say «Hey Google» or «Hey Siri, find me a restaurant» - that's a voice search and it has had massive implications in both SEO and how we do business.

But today I wanted to really take it to the next step and I want to show you what's happening in the space of smart speakers. You might be familiar with the Google Home speaker or the Google Mini? you'll also see the same from Amazon and the Amazon Echo and these really taking off in how we as consumers are going to be buying our stuff in the future.

Technology is a tool that amplifies customer buying habits. Technology is a tool but it's what we do with it that makes the big difference. And it changes our habits because it helps to amplify what it is that we do on a day to day basis. Amazon Echo and Google Home are on a battle. They're on a battle to control and be a part of your home and your everyday life. And they're using that through having that box sitting on your kitchen table or in your living room just waiting for you to say «Hey Google», «Hey Siri» or whatever it is that you're wanting to use as that trigger command. That trigger command then allows us to very easily summon things into our home and that could be buying to be that the weather could be a whole lot of different things.

It all starts with this understanding customer habits. Habits are all by nature three elements - we get triggered by some sort of external factor, we then have a routine action that we in we start to take on and then of course in order to reinforce that habit we have a reward. There is a trigger action reward element going on and a great example of that. When we start to look at these trends.

In Australia right now 57 percent of people are using voice search and that's happening now whether it be on remote mainly on the mobile phone. But the next growth is in the home itself.

These are sort of some of the amazing sort of trends, very exciting. But at the same time if we don't really understand how this is changing our customers habits we as businesses are going to miss the boat.

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