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How To Use Co Marketing Opportunities For Email Marketing

March 2, 2019

Email marketing. How can we use this ship, partnership concept with others who we might share a similar audience? And that's what co marketing is all about. Today we're looking at how you can take your existing content or your promotions and share it with a wider audience through the power of email marketing.

Co-Marketing is when two businesses come together with a similar audience to do a promotion together so that they can share the results. When you're sitting down to talk to somebody about doing some sort of Co-Marketing together there's a fundamental question that's going on in the person's mind and that is: «Can I trust you»?

So there are two things that we need to remember about trust. First off, trust is earned. That just comes down to a simple rule of do what you say you're going to do. And a little key way of doing that is just to start Co-Marketing in micro steps.

The second thing that comes down to Co-Marketing partnerships is the business owners need to have a healthy respect for the choice or the customer's freedom to choose. Sometimes we'll see business owners who are so protective of their customers that they won't allow anyone else to talk to them or see them more. Your customers are not yours. They're not yours to own. They are their own individuals. And a customer has the freedom of choice. Everyone needs to have a healthy respect that it's the customer's freedom to choose who they do business with. As long as you keep those two things in the back of your mind doing Co-Marketing you'll find it works really well.

Normally when we're looking at e-mail marketing there are three tactics that are typically like to see people do. The first one is in doing a newsletter together. And I'll explain that today how you break that down. The other one is potentially doing a cross promotion. So you'll come up with an offer which might be 20 percent off and your partner does the same and or you simply do as agreed to share that promotion to your base for say a month. And that gives you the ability to share the offer to a whole new audience in your partnership. Now the other third one which is very powerful, a little bit more complicated, is sharing or doing an event together in common. And what you're doing is that you're sending out an invitation to your existing base to come along to this new event or this event in common to experience both businesses. That works really powerful when you've got maybe four or five businesses together who have a similar audience and you run an event like a night time could be networking event could be customer appreciation event. It could even be a community event where you use your joint audiences and databases to create this event which creates that whole community awareness.

What we're doing out of the three? I recommend that - you only use one.

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