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How To Use Co Marketing For Hosting Events and Ebook

March 3, 2019

How to use marketing for hosting of events and ebooks? Co-Marketing is two companies or more coming together to share resources and to share the rewards of that job promotion when it comes to events and e-books. Those events cost money. You've got to put some money down the hard then you pay for food whatever it be. And e-books while they're not necessarily cost dollars they do require time to write something of value. And when you start to have an increase in price you also have a requirement to have a high level of trust.

Trust when it comes to two companies coming together is a major factor and trust is an emotion. Trust is built over time and through that interaction and with time people are able to process their emotions and give that trust that is required in order for Co-Marketing to come together. So when you're starting out in the space don't use this as your first co marketing opportunity. I always say that people start with micro steps.

I really like people to be aware that when you're looking to find a good partner - I don't like the word «equal», it is the wrong phrase because if you try to find a partnership where both parties are equal in resources and they're going to be equal in sharing the results you're going to be waiting a friggin long time. We're all different. Every person, every business is different. People come together with different skills, different talents and that's the power and that's the ability of Co-Marketing is about you being able to do stuff that you don't have the skills to do. Because if you had it all you'd be doing it yourself. By coming together as a joint partnership that it's about bringing together different talents and skills in order to make something bigger and better happen. So for that I use the word look for similarity. It's not about being equal; it's about being similar. And the three things I'd like people to be aware of:

  1. You're looking for a partner or partners who have got similar resources. It might be that they've got similar sized databases of email addresses.
  2. The other thing to keep an eye up is we need to have similar audiences so your audience needs to be similar to your partners. That's the whole idea. We're trying to communicate to a similar audience and by combining a resources together we can speak to a wider audience for less effort.
  3. And the other element which takes time to understand is similar attitudes similar attitudes about sharing the rewards that we're not in competition. There's enough fish in the ocean.

So there are the three things of always look for similar. Don't try and look for equal. You'll be waiting a very long time for it to come along. So that's the main key of jumping into the space.

Jumped out today. Go and find yourself a partner, have a coffee, start to learn each other's businesses and who knows - you'll start to be in a very short time making a whole lot of extra money for a lot less.

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