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3 Brain Triggers Copywriters Use to Drive Sales

March 8, 2019

Words have power and the words trigger emotions and it's the emotions that sells your products or services. When we talk about brain triggers what I want to understand is it's that through our words the certain words that we use and the framing creates the actions and with that we end up having this amazing connection and recalls from past memories our emotions. And if we're feeling happy we're happy and we start to generate an environment around us that's different and we're more willing to spend money and buy your products or services. A word can trigger an emotion. There are many emotions and there are many psychological triggers that we can use on the population.

So if you've got 100 people in a room and use a certain word that word will trigger a different emotion in the different groups. So what we're attempting to do in copywriting and in your marketing is we're looking to focus first off on your buyer person, on the avatar who is your ideal client. We start to ask the question: «What are the emotions that we know that are going to help to improve or incite a reaction that will help move them down the path of that buying cycle»?

The emotion of association. It's been studied to death that there are certain groups of people or a group of people who will buy a product or service because they feel an emotional connection to the brand or the person who's talking about it. This is that liking. As long as they like you they are more willing to buy the product or service from you because of that connection at the start. There's the emotional bonding.

But the secret to it is about telling your story. It's about building a relationship through your story. That your story, can be your brand story, can be your creation story as in why you as a business owner started out in that business. It could also be staff stories why the staff working at the organization their backgrounds their experiences their passions. And then of course you have your product or service stories - how did the product come about? What was the creation behind that product?

The second one that I like is reciprocal or paying it forward. This is an element of being generous. It triggers the emotion of generosity. And when people feel generous they feel more willing to give more. This can be done with charities but it's also done in business by you offering a free gift with purchase.

Another area for social proof is case studies getting your customers to talk to you go and do an interview with your existing customers and sharing that story online through the wonderful power of social media through all of the different channels. Social proof becomes really easy with social media. But social media and its own topic is a big element. And that's where when we're sort of talking about social proof is to use influencers who are already on social media start reaching out to them and look for ways through co marketing through those types of joint promotions that you can share or have them talk about your products or services. There is probably one of the biggest subtle ways in which you can get your message out to a wider audience.

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