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20 Email Subject Lines We Actually Clicked

March 4, 2019

Top email subject lines that get opened. And why is this so important? I often get asked that and it comes down to the question "Is email marketing still a thing"? We have at the moment 288 email messages being sent across the globe every day. That works out to be around about over 3000 per second. There is still a large group of people who prefer to receive their communications by email. And there's a reason for that is convenience. It's convenient in the sense that I'm allowed to a couple of times a day sit down in front of my computer and I can go through the communication messages and I can action them accordingly.

So I can batch up my time now. That's why email is still an old technology compared to all of our instant messaging and Facebook lives and all these other amazing tools still has a purpose and still has a prime goal. It's still a very profitable channel for us all as business owners to get started when it comes to email subject lines. That's the key and what we're looking for is to increase our open rate - it's about understanding headlines. It always comes back to this marvelous thing called copywriting and copywriting is all about learning how to use words to move people into action. One of the principles of copywriting is how to write headlines. Your subject line in your email is a headline so we're using the formula for headlines and it all comes down to emotion. Emotion has to do with human nature. Human nature is one where we've got two brains going on we've got our subconscious and we've got a conscious mind and we have to be able to hit both of those two elements in order to interact with our prospect in our customer.

What it just simply means is that we’ll react faster than we consciously think. If our subject line can hit that emotional angle it will have a tendency for people to click on it before they really make the conscious decision. Emotion is our key element for our subject line and today I'm going to be focusing on four emotions and I'm going to give you examples of subject lines that you can be using.

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